WooCommerce has an option to enable guest checkout, which allows anyone who visits your site to purchase a product without logging in and/or registering. If you disable guest checkout, users will not able to purchase any product without registering or logging in. This can be an issue if you would prefer some products to require a logged in user, and others to be available to guests.

WooCommerce Selective Registration is a WooCommerce plugin that gives you the option to choose which products should require a logged in and registered user, while keeping your shop open to guests.

WooCommerce Selective Registration

WooCommerce Selective Registration features:

  • Simple and Variable product support
  • Custom Settings Page
  • Intuitive Integration
  • On / Off switch for easy plugin toggling
  • Flexibility and Compatibility (Uses very little resources)

WooCommerce Selective Registration supports both simple products and variable products. It is designed to look and feel native. Once enabled for a product and saved, any cart that contains that product will require the user to login or register to purchase. If the item is removed from their cart, and no other product within a users cart requires registration, the user will be able to purchase and complete their order without logging in or registering.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at support@anthonyvalera.com